This is Svenska Alvisregistret

Svenska Alvisregistret have its roots in 1987.

We have connections to the Alvis Owner Club since the early days in our history.

During September 2011 we reorganized to a non profit association, in Swedish “ideell förening”.

  • After the change, the association may itself make legal agreements with agencies or companies/persons.We want to stimulate interest in technical and historic motor vehicles in general and especially the marque ALVIS.
  • We want to promote the preservation and restoration of of the marque ALVIS.
  • We want to protect and preserve the cars of the marque ALVIS.
  • We want to spread the knowledge of marque ALVIS.
  • We want to create an understanding and goodwill for the marque ALVIS.

Members do not need to own any car of the mark Alvis, genuine interest in cars is enough to become a member.
We have members living in other countries than Sweden.

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